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It’s not uncommon for drivers to want to change the colour of their car after buying it from a dealership. Sometimes it’s because of an aesthetic need or to cover up superficial damage to the exterior. In either case, we can accommodate those needs through a coloured vehicle wrap.

Our vehicle wraps are ideal for colour change on any Audi vehicle. Not only do they cost far less than getting the whole car re-sprayed, but our wraps will add a protective layer over your vehicle, guarding it from scratches and stone chips in the parking garage.

Stadt Technik can accommodate an Audi vehicle of any size, from sedans to vans to lorries. The wrapping process doesn’t take longer than an afternoon and we promise that our prices will be much lower than our competitors. Because we have expertise in high-performance European vehicles, we know how to apply the best colour change wrap to an Audi with minimal fuss.

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